Janina Edwards

Janina has a flexible voice, suitable to a range of styles and characters. A graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Acting Program, Janina is based in Atlanta, Georgia. She easily voices drama, romance, nonfiction, and mysteries.

Clients for Webinars and Elearning

  • Kineo
  • New Leaders
  • Synergy
  • Greenfield Belser
  • GK Visual LLC
  • Career Communications Group
  • Bloomquist Media
  • Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
  • Discover Link
  • Sound Imagination
  • Working Pictures
  • Big Media
  • Dani Voice Overs
  • Designing Digitally
  • Push Design
  • Running Pony

Beacon Press Audio:
Angela Jackson, A Surprised Queenhood in the New Black Sun: The Life and Legacy of Gwendolyn Brooks (2017)

Deyan Audiobooks:
Chanelle Benz, The Man Who Shot Out My Eye is Dead (2016) Selected Stories
Stephanie Powell Watts, No One is Coming to Save Us (2016)

Simon & Schuster:
J.J. Smith, The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse
Karin Tanabe, The Gilded Years (2016)
Nina Tassler (Editor), What I Told My Daughter (2016)
J.J. Smith, Lose Weight, Without Dieting (2014)

Listen Up Audiobooks:
Susan Burton and Cari Lynn, Becoming Ms. Burton (2017)
James Mellon (Editor), Bull Whip Days-Female voices (2017)
Dany G. Zuwen, Black Tears in Heaven (2016)
Carole Boston Weatherford, Voice of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer, Spirit of the Civil Rights Movement AUDIE AWARD FINALIST (2016)
Sandra Kitt, She's The One (2014)
Sandra Kitt, Family Affairs (2014)
Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, The Soldier from Damn Love (2014)
Octavia Butler, Blood Child and Other Stories (2014)
Alison Deming and Lauret Savoy editors, The Colors of Nature (several chapters) (2014)
Elizabeth Heiter, Hunted, (2013)

Brilliance Audio:
Yvette Edwards, The Mother (2016)
Angela Burt-Murray, Games Divas Play (2014)
Susan Kuklin editor, Beyond Magenta (Mariah) (2013)
Tanya Cherie Hegamin, Willow (2013)
Ernessa T. Carter, The Awesome Girls Guide to Dating Extraordinary Men (2013)
Rebecca Walker, Ade (2013)
David J. Schwartz, The Gooseberry Bluff Community College of Magic (2013)

Redwood Audiobooks:
Sonsyrea Tate, Little X (2015) 
Clair Goldstene, The Struggle for America's Promise (2014)

Speedy Publishing, LLC:
John Yates, Meditation in Action (2014)
Andrew Z. Maitland, Yoga for the Beginner: The Starter Guide  ( 2014)

Rhemalda Publishing:
Candace Bowen Early, Wicked Embers (2013)
Candace Bowen Early, Spur of the Moment (2013)

Career Press Audiobooks:
Synthia Andrews, The Path of Energy (2012)

Through ACX:
Angela Henry, The Company You Keep-Volume 1 The Kendra Clayton Detective Series (2015)
Lavender Parker, Flower in the Desert (2015)
M.P. McDonald, Seeking Vengeance (2014)
Theresa Mulligan, Sugar Hill, Where the Sun Rose Over Harlem (2013)
Elaine Racco Chase, One Way or Another (2012)
Vicki Hinze, Mindreader (2012)
Shirrin Dubbin, Keeper of the Way (2012)

American Foundation for the Blind (AFB):
Lucille Clifton, Good Woman (1987)
Rosa Guy, And I Heard a Bird Sing (1987)
Rosa Guy, The Disappearance (1987)
Rosa Guy, New Guys Around the Block (1987)
Jamaica Kincaid, A Small Place (1988)
Walter Dean Myers, Motown and Didi (1987)
Mildred D. Taylor, The Gold Cadillac (1987)


Audiobook Bibliography